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“RWRB” wireline set retrievable bridge plug is a medium performance retrievable bridge plug that is run and set by a wireline pressure setting tool and retrieved by either tubing or sandline. The plug is used for zone isolation, formation fracturing, acidizing, and wellhead repair and can be lubricated in and out of the well under pressure, thereby eliminating snubbing tubing or killing the well. The plug features a balanced equalizing value located immediately above the packing element system. Caged, bi-directional, one piece slips are located below the packing and firmly anchor the plug against pressure differentials from above or below. The plug is retrieved by ratcheting onto the retrieving neck, picking up four inches to equalize, setting down to uplock, then picking up to remove from well. No rotation is required to retrieve.


  • Compact, fast running, electric wireline set.

  • Tubing or sandline retrieved

  • No rotation required

  • Balanced equalizing valve opens upwardly which reduces possibility of accidental opening.

  • Equalizes close to top of packing elements tubing manipulation from the surface for better control


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