The phone:

DDNS Negative (-) Dual Diode Switch


    Shooting line color: White

    Detonator line color: Red/Blue

    Ground line color(Optional): Black

    Downhole pin: Brass pin


    Part Number:  SF Switch-DDNS

    Max. Pressure: 15,000 psi (103 MPa)

    Max. Temp.:   177°C(350°F)

    Max. Voltage : 600 VDC

    Max. Current : 2,000 mA


Dual Diode Switch is installed in bulkhead body. It can pass negative (-) current to detonator in lower gun and positive (+)current to detonator in upper gun. The polarity of the upper and lower detonator connections cannot be changed by the operator. The white wire on a dual diode must always be connected to the shooting line. If the upper detonator and shooting line are reversed, both detonators will be fired at once.


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